These are the reverb Chicago Electric Piano co samples, de-glitched and prepared as slices for the m8

Prepared by: @OldSchoolBuzzer

The number of slices is the last number in the filename
They have silent sections added at the beginning so they should line up to the correct keys
Usually 3 velocity levels and then sometimes a ‘hammered’ recording, whatever that means
I also added a couple slices at 32k for :shrug:
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

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[SND]cepco01-HAM36.wav2022-08-27 19:57 2.5MFender Piano Bass
[SND]cepco03-HAM97.wav2022-08-27 18:28 6.5MRhodes MkII
[SND]cepco02-ham73.wav2022-09-04 20:44 8.8MWurlitzer 200a
[SND]cepco06-HAM73.wav2022-08-27 19:45 13MWurlitzer 140b
[SND]cepco05-HAM66.wav2022-08-27 19:34 16MHohner Pianet L
[SND]cepco01-mid36.wav2022-08-27 19:56 57MFender Piano Bass
[SND]cepco01-soft6.wav2022-09-04 20:55 57MFender Piano Bass
[SND]cepco01-soft36.wav2022-09-04 20:55 57MFender Piano Bass
[SND]cepco01-hard36.wav2022-09-04 20:53 71MFender Piano Bass
[SND]cepco06-soft73.wav2022-08-27 19:43 71MWurlitzer 140b
[SND]cepco05-soft66.wav2022-08-27 19:27 76MHohner Pianet L
[SND]cepco06-med73.wav2022-08-27 19:41 79MWurlitzer 140b
[SND]cepco06-hard73.wav2022-08-27 19:39 96MWurlitzer 140b
[SND]cepco05-mid66.wav2022-08-27 19:32 106MHohner Pianet L
[SND]cepco02-lo73.wav2022-08-27 18:41 109MWurlitzer 200a
[SND]cepco02-mid73.wav2022-09-04 20:30 111MWurlitzer 200a
[SND]cepco05-hard66.wav2022-08-27 19:30 117MHohner Pianet L
[SND]cepco02-hi73.wav2022-08-27 18:43 123MWurlitzer 200a
[SND]cepco03-lo32k97.wav2022-09-04 20:58 153MRhodes MkII
[SND]cepco03-mid32k97.wav2022-08-27 17:46 159MRhodes MkII
[SND]cepco03-lo97.wav2022-09-04 20:26 210MRhodes MkII
[SND]cepco03-mid97.wav2022-08-26 03:11 219MRhodes MkII
[SND]cepco03-hi97.wav2022-08-27 18:24 283MRhodes MkII
[   ]cepco.zip2022-09-04 22:11 486MAll of the wavs in this folder, in a zip file